Tent pitched at our Smoky Mountain campground.

Top 5 Benefits of Camping in the Smoky Mountains with Your Kids

If you are searching for a fun summer vacation your kids will love, there’s no better destination than The Great Smoky Mountains! Our beautiful campground retreat is located near the national park and creates the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to the world of camping! Here are the top 5 benefits of camping in the Smoky Mountains with your kids:

1. New Experience

Happy family camping in Smoky MountainsCamping in the Smoky Mountains with your kids creates a fun new experience for your children to enjoy! It will be an exciting adventure for your kids to help set up the tent, sleep under the stars, and experience the great outdoors! Camping is a unique activity that’s totally different from anything your kids have probably done in the past. You may never have gone camping either, so make your next vacation a first time experience for everyone in your family! Plus, your kids will love staying at our campground!

2. Refreshing Break from Technology

Most children tend to spend quite a bit of time in front of a screen, whether it’s a phone or a TV. Our campground is technology free! While there is wireless internet access available at our pavilion, you can enjoy being disconnected from the rest of the world at your campsite. By being disconnected in this way, your children have a chance to focus on the beauty of nature and learn more about their environment, all while having a blast! Plus, you’ll get the quality time you’ve been searching for with everyone being able to focus on each other instead of their technology!

3. Active Vacation

Group of people walking across bridge in the mountainsWhen you go camping in the Smoky Mountains with your kids, you get an active vacation! We know children always have plenty of energy, so our campground is surrounded by many fun recreational activities! Whether you want to explore some nearby hiking trails, go for a rafting trip on the Little Pigeon River, or play cornhole at our campground, you will never run out of fun things to do as a family!

4. Family Bonding Time

Camping is an adventure that allows your family to bond and create some wonderful new memories together! After all, you are far away from the daily distractions of work, school, and other daily routines that make it tough for families to spend quality time together. When you are camping with your kids, you will find it relaxing, fun and enjoyable! For more ideas on how to make it fun for the kids, check out these ways to make tent camping in the Smoky Mountains more fun for your kids.

5. Educational Adventure

Camping can be an educational adventure for your kids! Your children probably spend hours in school reading and learning about birds, trees, stars, and other natural beauties. When staying in our campground, your kids can learn more about all of these things first hand. They can see what the night sky looks like when away from the light pollution of a city, discover nature in the forest, and learn how to start a campfire!

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Since you know some of the wonderful benefits of camping in the Smoky Mountains with your kids, check out all of the information about our campground today! We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!