vegetable frittata in a cast iron skillet on a table

Top 7 Ideas for Meals When Camping in the Smoky Mountains

You have all your stuff packed: tent, sleeping bags, and toiletries. But are you wondering what you’re going to eat while you’re staying at our campground? Don’t worry about it! We’re here to share some ideas for meals when camping with us! They’re easy and perfect for cooking over the fire! Here are the top 7 ideas for meals when camping in the Smoky Mountains:

Breakfast Food

1. Pancakes

pancake stack in a cast iron skillet against wooden surfaceBreakfast doesn’t have to be anything complicated. Just a simple pancake recipe in your back pocket is all you need! Who doesn’t love buttery, fluffy pancakes drowned in syrup? All you’ll need is a cast iron skillet and your syrup! Eat your pancakes plain or cover them in fruit, however you like to eat them. Here’s a pancake recipe to help get you started!

2. Vegetable Frittata

Planning on going white water rafting or hiking in the national park? You need to fill up on protein! Making a vegetable frittata for breakfast is perfect before you pack in a day of activity. Grab your favorite veggies and some eggs and cook everything in your cast iron skillet! Check out this recipe for inspiration!

Lunch and Dinner

3. Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese sandwich cut in triangles on a wooden surfaceMeals for when you’re camping don’t have to be complicated. Sometimes something basic is the most delicious, such as a grilled cheese! All you need is cheese slices, butter, and your cast iron skillet!

4. Hot Dogs

Are you even camping if you don’t have hot dogs at least once? Grab skewers to roast over the fire, fry them in your pan, or grill them in foil; no matter how you do it, your hot dogs will be packed with flavor! Don’t forget all your condiments and favorite toppings, from cheese to relish to onions!

5. Walking Tacos

walking taco with chips, meat, onion, tomatoes, and moreYou may have never heard of a walking taco, but you’ll love it once you try it! All you’ll need is individual size bags of Doritos or Fritos, your favorite taco toppings, and ground beef! Cook the ground beef in the cast iron skillet, open your bag of chips, and put all your toppings in the bag! You won’t even need a plate. For more inspiration, check out this walking taco recipe.

6. Grilled Shrimp Foil Packets

Foil packet meals are super simple, and you just have to put them together and let them sit and cook! If you want to feel like you’re in Louisiana for a night, make a grilled shrimp foil packet! It’s a little spicy and full of delicious food, from shrimp to corn. Here’s a recipe to help you get started!

7. Grilled Chicken and Potato Foil Packets

grilled chicken in a foil packetShrimp isn’t the only dish you can cook in a foil packet! The possibilities are endless, but one of the delicious meals is grilled chicken and potatoes. With these foil packet meals, you’ll have minimal cleanup, and you can even skip the plates and eat straight of the foil! Check out this lemon chicken and potato recipe!

We hope you feel more prepared now you have some ideas for meals when camping! Ready to plan your trip? Browse through our campsite information and book one of our campsites now!