tent in the woods showing fall colors in the Smoky Mountains

Top 4 Reasons to Go Camping in the Smoky Mountains in the Fall

Have you been thinking about staying at a campground this fall for your next trip? The weather is starting to cool off, and depending on when you’re planning your trip, you might get to see the height of the color changes in the mountains. Here are the top 4 reasons you should go camping in the Smoky Mountains in the fall:

1. Cooler Weather

leaves on the ground in the forest in fallOf course, the top reason you should go camping in the Smoky Mountains in the fall is because of the cooler weather! Summers in East Tennessee can reach temperatures in the upper 90s. Even at night, you could be hot if you camp in the summer. No one wants to be hot all the time! During the fall, temperatures start to drop to a more comfortable temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Nights are cooler, allowing you to curl up in a sleeping bag or under a blanket comfortably! The weather is definitely better in the fall for camping!

2. Less Bugs

Mosquitos, flies, and all kinds of other bugs are rampant in the summers. They love warm weather, so you will probably come in contact with them in the spring and summer. During this time of year, there are typically less bugs since the weather is getting colder. You won’t have to swat at them constantly while you’re outside or trying to sleep if you camp in the fall. Don’t forget to pack the bug spray though — you never know when you might need it!

3. Cook Comfort Foods

chili in a cast iron dutch ovenSome of the best camping meals make fall the best time to go camping in the Smoky Mountains. In the heat of summer, you won’t want to sit next to a fire and cook hot food to eat. In the fall when the weather starts to get cooler, especially at night, you’ll enjoy sitting by the fire to cook. Soups are the perfect comfort food for fall, as well as chili and stew. Foil pack meals are great for any time of the year, such as shrimp and corn or chicken and potatoes. And, of course, you can’t forget s’mores; they’re perfect any time of the year when you’re camping!

4. See the Fall Colors

One of the absolute best things about camping in the Smoky Mountains in the fall is seeing the colorful leaves. While it is hard to predict exactly when the leaves will change, even seeing slight changes in color is beautiful. There’s nothing like driving through the Smokies and seeing the bright reds, oranges, and yellows. Some of the best places to see the fall colors in the Smoky Mountains are Cades Cove, any of the hiking trails, and many attractions in Gatlinburg. And since you’ll be camping, you get to enjoy the colors even more than if you were staying somewhere else!

Camping in the Smoky Mountains in the fall is one of the best times to go. You won’t be as hot, there are less bugs, and you get to fix some of your favorite foods. Plus, you get to take in the beauty of this time of year! Find out more about our campground, and then start planning your trip today!