Smoky Mountains in the fall

4 Tips for the Best Stay at Our Smoky Mountain Campsites This Fall

If you’re looking for a new and exciting vacation experience, consider camping at one of our Smoky Mountain campsites this fall! Fall is the perfect season for camping, especially near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The Smoky Mountain weather is perfect with ideal temperatures for outdoor activities during the day and enjoying a campfire at night. Whether this will be a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip or something you’ve had planned for months, it’s important to consider a few things before heading out the door and into the mountains for your adventure. Each season in the Smokies requires a few distinct considerations, so you’ll want to read on for 4 tips that will ensure you have a fun, safe time at our Smoky Mountain campsites this fall:

1. Check the Weather

One thing about camping in the Smokies that holds true in every season is the fact that the weather can change on a dime. Forecasts often differ from day to day which can make preparing for a visit to our Smoky Mountain campsites hard for even the most in-tune person. For the best experience, and in order to be sure you’re not caught off guard with sudden rain or dropping temperatures, you’ll want to check the weather early and often.

2. Pack for Two SeasonsFall colors in the Smoky Mountains

During the fall season, especially the earlier parts in September and even early October, temperatures can vary 30 degrees or more from sun up to sundown, and can be even more harsh at higher elevations. We know that you’d rather be safe than sorry, so you’ll want to pack the appropriate clothing for both warmer daytime temperatures and cooler evening temperatures during your stay at our Smoky Mountain campsites. Highs can easily reach the low 80s during the day in September, while evenings drop into the 50s, and if you’re hiking to peaks during the day there can be a dramatic temperature difference, so you’ll want to come prepared for any situation.

3. Prepare for Rain

While this might seem like common sense, it’s worth mentioning because if you forget to prepare for rain, it could really ruin your plans. The Smoky Mountains still receive an average of 4+ inches per month during the fall season, so bringing the necessary gear with you to keep you dry will help make your stay at our Smoky Mountain campsites as enjoyable as possible even if wet weather pops up.

4. Know What’s In-Season

As we venture away from the summer season, rapidly changing temperatures and weather conditions will alter the landscape as well as the activities that can take place within it. When you visit our Smoky Mountain campsites this fall, be sure to check the activities you’re planning to make sure that there aren’t any seasonal conflicts – especially if you plan to participate in a white water rafting trip during your stay since fall trip availability is based on local rainfall amounts.

We have no doubt that you’re going to have a great time when you come and stay at our Smoky Mountain campsites this fall. If you keep these tips in mind your trip is sure to be a success and leave you wanting to visit over and over again! Do you know your travel dates? Reserve your campsite and start preparing for your Smoky Mountain camping trip today!