A family going for a hike while tent camping in the Smoky Mountains.

6 Reasons You Should Bring Your Family Camping in the Smoky Mountains

At least once, every family should experience camping in the Smoky Mountains! This doesn’t mean you have to trek up a mountain, you can have just as great a time at the Pigeon River Campground. Discover six reasons you should bring your family camping in the Smoky Mountains.

1. Connection

In today’s time everyone is very glued to their electronic devices and tied up in everyday life. Take your family camping to enjoy the reconnection with yourself and your family. You’ll be able to turn off the distractions of the outside world, and instead focus on the beauty and fun you can find in the Smoky Mountains. You can connect over activities like watching a Smoky Mountain sunset, rafting on the Pigeon River, or zip-lining.

2. MemoriesA group of kids sitting around the campfire on a Smoky Mountain camping trip.

Good, bad, ugly, and funny family vacations are full of these moments. These moments are what make looking back on memories so enjoyable. Imagine the story you’ll get to retell when your kid catches their first fish, or the taste of roasted marshmallows from the campfire.

3. Health

Being outdoors does wonders for the health! Did you know that getting fresh air and sunlight is highly beneficial for mental health. It actually makes you a happier person! Secondly, the cell phones, TVs, and computers we are glued to all emit blue light which is bad for your vision. Camping allows yours eyes to get some much needed rest. Lastly, one of the biggest benefits is the physical activity you and your kids will get running around the campground!

4. Affordability

Vacations can be expensive, especially if the whole family comes along! Camping can be as minimal or lavish as you want it to be. Pigeon River Campground is unique in that you can camp out in a tent, in an RV, or stay in small, rustic cabin. Plots vary in price, but are almost always cheaper than a hotel room would cost.

5. Anyone Can Do It

You don’t have to be an outdoor expert to go camping. Anyone can do it! Camping is accessible to everyone.

kids exploring nature while Pigeon River camping

6. Learn Something New

Camping permits the opportunity to learn something new! It could be teaching your kids how to fish, how to set up a tent, or learning about the natural wildlife and nature in the area. Come back from your vacation with more than just a souvenir, come back with a brand new skill or knowledge.

Find out why you should bring your group to stay at our Smoky Mountain campground!

The Pigeon River Campground offers plenty of amenities to make your camping in the Smoky Mountains as comfortable and fun as possible. You’ll find private bathrooms, a general store, a pool, fire pits, and more available to you, all surrounded by the beautiful Smoky Mountains.