sunset in the smoky mountains

Debunking 4 Common Myths About Camping in the Smoky Mountains

If you always thought about taking your family on a camping trip to the Smoky Mountains but were hesitant for one reason or another, you can rest assured that camping with us is the best way to experience the Smokies! There are some common myths about camping that might be holding you back, but we are here to get you excited about your camping adventure! Here are 4 myths about camping and why you should go camping in the Smoky Mountains:

Myth #1: You Need to be an Experienced Camper

One of the most common myths is that you need to be an experienced camper, otherwise your camping trip will be a disaster! While it is true that you may want a small bit of experience when heading to a remote camping location, you don’t need any experience when camping with us! As long as you are familiar with how to put your tent together, you have all you need! We have provided everything else necessary, including a bath house and laundry facilities. If you prefer to stay in a cabin for your first camping experience, check out our camping cabins!

Myth #2: Tons of Camping Gear is Necessary

backpack and hiking gearIf the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word camping is the image of massive and complicated tents, generators, and more, it is no wonder why you would be hesitant about camping in the Smoky Mountains! When you stay at our campground, you can just bring a basic tent and sleeping bag to enjoy a perfect night under the stars! Our campsites feature outdoor grills and fire pits for the traditional campground experience, so just stop by our convenient general store if you need any snacks, drinks, or camping supplies. If you plan on taking advantage of the grill, you will need to bring personal cooking gear like charcoal, pots and pans, and utensils. If you choose to stay in one of our camping cabins, be sure to bring bedding along with you as well.

Myth #3: Campgrounds are Boring

If you are having trouble talking your spouse or kids into camping in the Smoky Mountains, their argument might be that campgrounds are boring. However, there is so much to do at our campground that you could spend your entire vacation without leaving our property! We offer a refreshing swimming pool that is just 4 feet deep so that everyone in the family can take a dip. The pool area features tables and chairs covered by umbrellas, as well as a large tanning deck where you can relax on a warm summer afternoon. Our campground also offers fun recreational equipment such as volleyball, horseshoes, and cornhole!

Myth #4: You Are Completely Disconnected from the Outside World

smiling woman on a laptopAnother myth about camping in the Smoky Mountains is that you are completely disconnected from the outside world, and you won’t be able to use your iPhone, iPad, and other devices. While our campground offers the unique opportunity to get away from your stressful life back home and enjoy the natural beauty of the Smokies, you can still stay connected throughout your stay! We offer free wireless internet access at our pavilion, making it easy to stay in touch with your family and friends back home! Plus, with where our campground is located, you’ll be close to all the fun things you want to do!

Now that we have you excited about camping in the Smoky Mountains, check out all of the information about our campground today to plan your adventure! We look forward to seeing your family soon!