Top 4 Things You’ll Love About Ziplining in the Smoky Mountains

Fly high on a zipline adventure the next time you visit the Smoky Mountains! Not only is ziplining one of the most popular things you can do in the Smoky Mountains, it’s an incredible adventure you won’t forget. There are many reasons why you should go on a ziplining adventure, but we’re going to cut it down to the 4 that’ll sum it up quite nicely, and definitely make you want to try it for yourself!

Man ziplining close to the Pigeon River Campground near Gatlinburg.1. A Feeling of Flying

One of the most wonderful things about ziplining in the Smoky Mountains is the feeling of flying, as you’re being guided by a cable through the air. For more than 2 hours, your experience will keep you away from solid ground. You’ll be transported up into the trees where you will “fly” from station to station in a thrilling adventure of a lifetime. When you zipline at ​CLIMB Works, one of the most popular places to zipline in the Smoky Mountains, you can even go side-by-side with another member of your group for a dueling ride in the sky.

2. The Mountain Air

For those that go hiking in the Smoky Mountains and are fans of the outdoors, the feeling of breathing in the fresh mountain air is second-to-none. It’s also great for when you’re ziplining too! The coolness of the air as you climb in altitude on your adventure adds an extra element and spark. There are many things to love about this activity, and this is one aspect that you just have to experience for yourself to get the full benefit on your vacation.

3. You’ll Always Feel Safe

Family ziplining, one of the most popular things to do while camping in Gatlinburg .If you had any reservations prior to your visit, they will immediately be put to rest once you have met your experienced guide. Each of them is trained extensively to maintain high levels of safety. A visit to ​CLIMB Works​ in Gatlinburg is one of many places where it’s serious business. They will show you all of the techniques that you’ll need to know in order to make Smoky Mountain ziplining a pleasantly effortless encounter.

4. The Smoky Mountain Scenery

Anyone with even the least amount of interest in the outdoors will be able to appreciate the numerous outstanding views you’ll get of the Smoky Mountains from your perches in the air. You’ll get perspectives of this beautiful scenery that you can’t get from ground level. The 360-degree views are simply awe-inspiring, and this is a perfect example of why making the most of your vacation should include participating in activities you wouldn’t normally engage in. Give this one a chance, and chances are good you won’t be disappointed in the least!

Now that you’re confidence level has been boosted by our reasons for ziplining in the Smoky Mountains, you’ll be will to take on more adventures that are available to you here. A stay at our campground will certainly be the cherry on top of your experience in the Smoky Mountains. Whether it’s a cabin or a campsite, ​reserve a spot​ so you can enjoy your journey with us!