A porch overlooking the river at a cabin at Pigeon River Campground.

4 Ways to Have Fun at Our Great Smoky Mountain Campground

When you choose to spend your next vacation at our campground, you’ll be amazed by all the fun activities and adventures that you’ll experience! Whether you love adrenaline-fueled adventures or you’d rather spend the day relaxing and unwinding, there is something fun for everyone. Check out our 4 favorite ways to have a blast at out Great Smoky Mountain campground:

1. Hike the Trails in the Great Smoky Mountains

Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a wonderful way to enjoy the area! Our campsite is close to dozens of the area’s most popular trails, ranging from easy to difficult. Whether you’re looking for a heart pounding trek or a relaxing stroll through the trees, there will be a trail perfect for you. Hiking in Smoky Mountain National Park is also the best way to experience the wildlife of the mountains. From the various wildlife creatures roaming the park to the plethora of wildflowers and blooms, you’ll be in awe of the beautiful nature around you.

2. Raft the Rapids with Smoky Mountain Outdoors

Whitewater rafting in the Smokies is another fun way to spend your days while camping at our Great Smoky Mountain campground! There’s no better way to cool down on a hot day than by splashing in the river, and whether you’re an adrenaline lover or a rafting beginner, there are several different rafting tours to suit each family member! The Lower Pigeon River tour at Smoky Mountains Outdoors will take you on a calm 5.5 mile ride, which is perfect for taking in the views! For the daredevils, the Upper Pigeon River tour is a wild ride down the fastest rapids. Prepare for lots of splashing!

3. Soar Through the Sky on Ziplines

ziplineAnother thrilling way to enjoy your weekend at our Great Smoky Mountain campground is to take in the views from high in the sky! Soaring above the trees on a zipline adventure is the best way to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery in a new and unique way. Your zipline tour starts with an exciting ride up the mountain on a 4-wheeler, followed by a series of ziplines, sky bridges and even a surprise ending! You and your family will have so much fun ziplining through the Smokies that when you’re finished with your 2 hour adventure, you’ll be tempted to turn around and do it all again!

4. Enjoy the Campsite

At the end of your exciting day spent hiking, rafting and ziplining, enjoy our Smokies campground by building a fire, popping a tent and relaxing at your campsite! Roasting weenies and toasting marshmallows makes for the perfect family dinner, and telling ghost stories around the fire is a spooky and fun way to end your day. And if you’re not in love with the idea of sleeping in a tent, we have camping cabins available to rent, too!

Now that you know all the fun things to do at our Great Smoky Mountain campground, you can start planning your family’s camping adventure! If you’re looking for more activities to do on your next trip, check out all the fun things to do in the area and pick out which ones your family will love!