a bite taken out of a smore

6 Tips for Making S’mores Over the Campfire at Our Tennessee Campground

One of the fun activities that you can enjoy while staying at the Pigeon River Campground is gathering around the fire pit in the evening! Of course, no campfire experience is complete without roasting marshmallows and preparing s’mores! While the basic idea is as simple as putting a marshmallow on a stick and toasting it, there are several things you can do to create the best s’mores possible! Here are 6 tips on how to make s’mores over the campfire at our Tennessee Campground:

1. Use a Long Stick

If you are new to s’mores, this traditional campfire treat consists of a chocolate bar and toasted marshmallows sandwiched between graham crackers. The first step is to find a stick for your marshmallow so that you can toast it in the campfire, so just stroll around our Tennessee Campground to find one. Remember that you should never underestimate the heat of the fire and remain at a comfortable distance at all times. The best way to do this is to use a long stick or skewer, which allows you to stay cool. You can even use two sticks to keep your marshmallow in place so that it toasts evenly.

2. Create the Perfect MarshmallowToasted marshmallows on a stick

The heart of the s’more is the perfect marshmallow, and this is all a matter of perfect preference! Whether you want one that is hardly roasted, perfectly golden or one that’s a little burnt, you can create whatever you want for your delicious treat. Try experimenting with several marshmallows to see which style you prefer!

3. Toast Multiple Marshmallows at Once

Another tip on how to make s’mores over the campfire at our Tennessee campground is to toast multiple marshmallows at one time, which helps to make your s’mores even more tasty! When you have two roasted marshmallows, this will allow the chocolate in your s’mores to melt faster and more thoroughly!

4. Use a Melting Block

If you are having trouble getting the chocolate to melt in your s’more, try using a melting block. Just find a small scrap of wood near your campsite and place it at the end of your fire away from the flame. This will make the wood scrap nice and hot, so all you have to do is place your graham cracker topped with chocolate on the wood. While toasting your marshmallows, the cracker will get warm and the chocolate will start to melt. This allows for the perfect gooey combination for the ultimate s’more!

a gooey melting smore5. Stuff Your Marshmallows with Candy

Take your s’mores to the next level by stuffing your marshmallows with candy such as a Hershey’s Kiss, mini peanut butter cup or other small chocolate candy. While your marshmallow is toasting, the chocolate will melt and create a unique flavor combination. By trying this technique, you will never have to wait for your chocolate to melt again! Learn even more ways to spice up your s’mores!

6. Have Wet Naps Ready

While s’mores are unbelievably delicious, they are probably also one of the messiest treats around! Therefore, keep plenty of wet wipes on hand to clean the marshmallow off of your hands. After all, you will enjoy your s’mores much more when your fingers aren’t covered with dirt, ash and other things around the campfire that might stick to a melted marshmallow!

Now that you are ready to make the perfect s’more, check out all of the details about our Tennessee campground today to plan your camping adventure in the Great Smoky Mountains! We hope to see you this season at the Pigeon River Campground!