Homemade S'mores

4 Ways to Spice Up Your S’mores at Our Smoky Mountain Campground

When it comes to an authentic camping experience, there is nothing more traditional than making s’mores by the campfire! The classic combination of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars is nearly as much a part of camping as your tent and sleeping bag, so don’t miss the chance to enjoy this mouthwatering treat! If you want to take your s’mores experience a step further, you can even spice your recipe up a bit! Here are 4 ways to spice up campfire s’mores when you stay at our Smoky Mountain campground:

1. Swap the Chocolate Bar for a Peanut Butter Cup

Peanut butter cups One of the easiest ways to spice up your campfire s’mores is by swapping out the chocolate bar for a peanut butter cup! The graham cracker and marshmallow portion of the s’mores stays the same, so this is a simple swap for anyone to make! In fact, the hardest part of this recipe is hiding those delicious peanut butter cups from your friends and family until it’s time to prepare the s’mores! The combination of the chocolate, peanut butter, graham crackers and marshmallow is simply delightful, so don’t be surprised if this becomes a new favorite!

2. Enjoy a Mint Flavored S’more

There is nothing like a little mint in your campfire s’mores to spice it up just a bit! Just pack some Andes Mints along with your s’mores ingredients and you’ll be ready for a minty fresh treat! All you have to do is insert the mint into your s’more, or you can add a couple mints in place of a regular chocolate bar! If you are having any trouble preparing your perfect s’more, just take a look at these convenient tips for making s’mores over the campfire at our Smoky Mountain campground! S’mores are the perfect treat after a busy day of hiking in the Smoky Mountains!

3. Add a Sliced Strawberry to the Mix

strawberries on picnic table at Smoky Mountain campgroundIf you love chocolate covered strawberries, just wait until you add a sliced strawberry to your s’mores mixture! You may want to prepare this combination on the first or second night of your camping trip to ensure that your strawberries are fresh! Take each of the strawberries and cut thin slices that can easily be inserted onto your s’more. After roasting your marshmallow in the campfire, place the marshmallow, sliced strawberry and chocolate bar between the graham crackers and prepare your taste buds for something extraordinary!

4. Substitute Cookies for the Graham Crackers

If you are not a graham cracker fan or just want to try something a little different, substitute a couple of cookies in place of the graham crackers! The best cookies for s’mores are the ones that are thin and crispy since you will be sandwiching the toasted marshmallow and chocolate bar between them. Otherwise, you may not be able to fit the entire s’more in your mouth! As an alternative, you can always make an open faced s’more by laying the chocolate bar on the cookie and topping off your treat with a melted marshmallow!

Now that you know how to spice up your campfire s’mores, check out all of the information about our Smoky Mountain campground today to start planning your camping adventure in the Smokies! We hope to see you soon!