The ingredients for s'mores.

Top 6 Snacks to Pack With You When Camping in the Smoky Mountains

Your outdoor trip isn’t complete without taking your favorite treats with you when camping in the Smoky Mountains. It really doesn’t matter if it’s hot and muggy, or cool and comfortable. You can still enjoy these snacks spending quality time in the great outdoors. We recommend 6 for your vacation to remember when you’re packing!

1. Marshmallows

You simply can’t go camping without this spongy, sugary snack that proves quite versatile in this situation. While having your bonfire, pass them out to your group and toast these treats until they became a crusty and gooey delight! Pop them straight from the package into your mouth — if that’s your thing — or enjoy them as part of your next combo treat.

2. S’mores Ingredients

Delicious s'mores.The 3 most important items for this delicious s’mores treat are marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers, of course. Grab yourself a whole graham cracker and break it in half; then, place your chocolate piece on it before putting the hot and toasty marshmallow between the 2 halves. Now you have yourself a melty, messy masterpiece! Want to break away from the traditional s’mores? Check out these ways to spice up your s’mores!

3. Hot Dogs

We can’t help but recommend this grill favorite that always finds its place in many families’ celebratory gatherings. The taste of these meaty treats are never better when they’re skewered with a stick over a burning hot flame. Camping in the Smoky Mountains doesn’t seem complete without having some with you on your trip.

4. Chips

bag of potato chipsSo we’ve gone from the gooey goodness of a popular treat, to the softness of a slightly burned hot dog link. Maybe it’s time we get to crunching by pulling open a nice big bag of salty chips. This is exactly what makes them perfect, because they provide a nice balance of texture to your meal. Get to snacking with a handful — or two!

5. Cereal

Cereal has lasted generations as America’s favorite breakfast, and you can still enjoy it when camping in the Smoky Mountains. The great thing about it is this: You can start your day with it, or you can reach for it as a between-meals indulgence as well! Everyone has a favorite that they just can’t live without, and it’s certainly an easy pack for your trip too.

6. Nuts

hands holding trail mixWe’re going a bit healthier with our final treat that you need to pack for your trip. Versatility is a way to describe nuts as well, since they are also very portable, and give you some healthy fats with protein and energy to do all the activities you have lined up for the day. Mix things up by throwing it in with your cereal for your own little trail mix!

Food is energy, and you’ll need plenty of it when you go camping in the Smoky Mountains at Pigeon River Campground. If you forget to bring any of these tasty snacks, stop by our general store and buy a snack, drink, or any other camping supplies you may have forgotten! We have different sites for campers of all types, so ​reserve your very own site​ today. The sooner you get settled, the sooner you can enjoy those snacks!