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Top 4 Activities to do on the Pigeon River

When you stay at our campground, you are backed up against the Pigeon River and on hot, summer days, you will need to find activities to stay cool. Luckily, there are a ton of activities that are available to do in the river to have a blast. Here are 4 of the best activities to do on the Pigeon River:

1. Whitewater Rafting

SMO RaftingOne of the best ways to experience the river is to go whitewater rafting. When you decide to go rafting with Smoky Mountain Outdoors, you will be able to experience the rapids of the Pigeon River. On your way down, you will get to see everything from wildflowers to wildlife! There are two different rafting adventures, one on the upper part of the river and one on the lower part. If you are wanting to go rafting as a family, the lower river rafting is suggested because the rapids are slower and easier to manage. If you have older children or want more of a challenge, the upper river rafting experience is for you! This experience takes you on an exciting 6.5 mile ride as you go through class 3 and 4 rapids. The good news is all of the river adventures are led by certified guides who can help you along the way! Plus, our campground is right next to SMO Rafting’s outpost!

2 . Take a Dip in the River

There is nothing that says camping like going down to the river to cool off on a hot day. At our campground, there are places along the bank of the river to put your feet in the water and relax. Our campground is secluded in the heart of the mountains, so just put your feet in and take a trip away from busy everyday life.

3. Fishing at the Campground


What better way to relax and enjoy your camping trip than by sitting out by the water while you fish. With access to the Pigeon River at our campground, you are free to fish with a Tennessee fishing license. Also, we have boat access available from the campground for non-motorized boats, so you can easily get your vessel in and out of the water. The summer is the perfect time to go fishing near Gatlinburg, as you will find trout and smallmouth bass as you wander along the bank of the river.

4. Ride on a Kayak

Kayaking is another great water sport that is available on the Pigeon River not far from our campground. The currents in the river make for the perfect kayaking experience. Depending on the weather, the currents will be running at different speeds so be sure to check weather conditions when you go on your kayaking experience.

When you stay at our campground, you have top tier access to the Pigeon River. Whether you want to sit back and go fishing or venture out on a kayak or whitewater rafting adventure, there is something for everyone to do on the river. Be sure to check out some of the other information you should have for when you camp with us! We hope you enjoy your next camping trip with us in the Smoky Mountains!