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How to Tell an Awesome Campfire Story When You Stay at Our Smoky Mountain Campground

What camping trip is complete without a night of campfire stories? Sit under the stars, roast a marshmallow or two and exchange some stories with your friends and family. It doesn’t matter if the story is funny, scary, real, or made up, everyone enjoys having a fun evening by the fire! Here are some tips on how to tell an awesome campfire story when you stay at our Smoky Mountain campground:

1. Have All the Essentials

Roasting marshmallows over a fire at a Smoky Mountain campgroundYou can’t sit around and tell campfire stories at our Smoky Mountain campground without first gathering all the essentials. To properly set the scene, you need s’mores supplies, blankets, and a glowing fire that is big enough to cook your food and keep your listeners warm. Grab your marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers and settle in for a night of storytelling. If you’re camping in the colder months, make some hot cocoa before diving into all the stories.

2. Know Your Audience

One of the most important aspects of storytelling is knowing your audience! If you’re camping at our Smoky Mountain campground with your kids, try and go for a more lighthearted and family-friendly story. If you’re with your friends, see who can come up with the scariest story and spook the rest of the group! If you don’t know any good tall tails off the top of your head, tell some of the stories from your own life. If people in your group were involved in the story, even better! Telling a good campfire story is all about having fun with it, so don’t take yourself too seriously!

3. Keep it Short and Sweet

campfire at a Smoky Mountain campgroundYou’re going to want to give everyone else in the group a chance to tell their stories too, so make sure yours is nice and sweet! If you have kids, you know keeping their attention can be a job in and of itself, so we recommend opting for a concise story. If your kids are starting to get sleepy from a day playing at our Smoky Mountain campground, a good story will be just the thing to get them ready for bed! These short stories are tales that your friends and family will be able to tell to others at campfires in the future.

4. Use Fun Sound Effects and Motions

All the best storytellers know how to get fully into the delivery of their story. By using fun sound effects and motions, you automatically elevate the campfire story experience! Get into character with funny accents, use hand motions and body language to depict the tone of the story, and even incorporate some audience participation if you’d like. Kids always get a kick out of a dramatic storyteller, and when you put on a show for them, you’re creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Now that you know how to tell an awesome campfire story at our Smoky Mountain campground, you can put your new knowledge to the test on your next camping trip. If you want to plan the best camping experience possible, learn all about our campground and book your stay today!