Tent pitched at our Smoky Mountain campground.

Top 4 Tips for Guests Camping in the Smoky Mountains for the First Time

If you are new to the exciting world of camping and joining us for an adventure in the Smokies, there are a few tips that can help you prepare for your vacation! You can already rest assured our campground offers the best possible experience for camping in the Smoky Mountains, so now you just need to plan your trip! Here are the top 4 tips for guests camping in the Smoky Mountains for the first time:

1. Dress in Layers

camping clothesWhether you are camping with us during the early spring, summer, or fall, you will want to make sure you have the appropriate clothing to keep warm at night! While the weather in the Smoky Mountains is generally moderate in the early spring and late fall, there can be fluctuations in temperature, and you don’t want to be stuck in the cold! The first layer next to your skin should be made of a synthetic material with polyester to wick away moisture. Be sure to avoid cotton because it can leave you cold and miserable, even in mild weather! Other layers should consist of a protective layer like a wool shirt, an insulated vest, and a waterproof rain jacket!

2. Bring the Essential Toiletries

Another tip for camping in the Smoky Mountains is to bring all of your essential toiletries, including hygiene items and prescriptions. We also recommend packing a first-aid kit in a compact case, as well as sunscreen and insect repellant. If you happen to forget anything, just stop by our General Store for camping supplies and other items. There is also a Walmart less than 20 minutes west on Interstate 40 for everything you could possibly need!

3. Plan Your Meals

a gooey melting smoreWhen planning meals for your camping trip in the Smokies, keep in mind that simple is better. Consider boxed or canned entrees, as well as plenty of snacks because you never know when hunger may strike! Of course, you will also want to have plenty of bottled water on hand to stay hydrated at all times. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, remember to bring along some instant coffee and tea bags to satisfy your craving! Finally, you definitely don’t want to forget the ingredients for s’mores, because it wouldn’t be camping without this traditional treat around the campfire!

4. Bring Some Campsite Extras

Although you may have your tent, sleeping bag, and other gear you need for camping in the Smoky Mountains, be sure to bring some campsite extras! These are items that are designed for a more enjoyable and fun camping experience! For example, you may want to bring a star chart to identify some of the constellations at night when the stars shine brightly over our campground! You can also bring along some reading material, games, and toys to keep everyone in your group entertained!

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Now that you are prepared for camping in the Smoky Mountains, check out all of the information about our campground in the Smokies today to plan your adventure under the stars! We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful campground along the Pigeon River!