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4 Perks of Planning a Family Trip to Our Smoky Mountain Campground

Are you already thinking about your next family vacation to the Smokies? There’s no better place to stay than at our campground! You’ll find that there are plenty of benefits of going camping with your family, such as being so close to nature and getting to try new things! Check out these 4 perks of planning a family trip to our Smoky Mountain campground:

1. Spend Quality Time Together

Roasting marshmallows over a campfireOne of the biggest perks of planning a family trip to our campground is getting to spend quality time together as a family. Any family vacation would provide you with the opportunity to be together, but when you go camping, you’ll love being together even more! Instead of watching TV or playing online games, you can enjoy setting up your tent together. You’ll all have a blast roasting s’mores over the fire pit or splashing around in the river that runs through the grounds. You can even bring card games to entertain you during your down time. No matter what you decide to do together while you’re in town, you’ll love spending quality time together!

2. Enjoy the Outdoors

Another perk of staying at our Smoky Mountain campground with your family is being able to enjoy the outdoors. If you stayed in a hotel or a cabin, you’d only get to spend time in nature if you visited the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. By staying in a tent, camping cabin, or RV site, you have so many opportunities to spend time outdoors. Plus, we have plenty of ways you can spend time outside at our campground. Bring a fishing pole and hang out near the river access point to go fishing or you can enjoy taking a dip in the water. When the heat is getting to you, splash around in our outdoor pool. At the end of the day, you can cook a meal around the fire or make some unique s’mores! Your whole family will enjoy spending time outside during their camping trip.

3. Try New Things

SMO RaftingIf you’ve never gone camping before, then your family will have fun taking on this new adventure! Trying new things with your family is a great way to bond, and booking a trip to our Smoky Mountain campground is a great way to kick off new experiences! Even if you have gone camping before, maybe you can have a new experience with cooking over a fire. If you’re looking for an exciting activity you have never tried before, you should try white water rafting with SMO Rafting! Camping with us can open the door to so many new experiences, and you’ll love making new memories with your family.

4. Take Advantage of Our Amenities

At our Smoky Mountain campground, you won’t just find fire pits and campsites. We have a great selection of amenities you will receive access to when you book with us. Of course, you can swim in the outdoor pool or hang out by the river if you want to cool off in the water. You’ll also find plenty of ways to stay entertained, including cornhole and volleyball. Our campground isn’t too far from the national park, so you can always head out to go hiking or go on a scenic drive. If you happen to forget supplies, our general store has everything you could possibly need, and we even have a laundry facility with coin-operated machines so you can do a quick load if you need to. Your family will definitely make use of all of our amenities!

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These are just some of the perks of booking a family vacation at our Smoky Mountain campground for your next trip. Are you ready to start planning your getaway? Look at our campground availability and map to decide the best way to go camping for your family!